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Many times we are not aware of the situation of our website or how search engines interpret it. For this reason we try to provide detailed and understandable information on the websites and their positioning. In the case of backlinks, we carry out detailed reports with the number of backlinks, a list of them and the evaluation of each of them. The result is the necessary basis to initiate a suitable strategy to improve the authority of the domain and the pages.

They are links or inbound links hat point from other pages to your website. The number of backlinks is the number of pages that link to your website through links that can be text or graphic. The number of backlinks is important for search engine positioning, the more relevant pages the more notoriety your website will gain in the eyes of Google.

Google values the authority of websites and, depending on the results, provides more visibility to some than others. With what Backlink SEOis totally linked. We can say that backlink management is one of the usual work areas in organic positioning, along with SEO On Page optimization and keyword management.

How we comment, we are interested in Quality Backlinksand for this we must value them. There are two essential indicators which are the Domain Score and the Trust Score. The Domain Score is a score linked to the volume and quality of the links that point to a website. And the Trust Score is the trust rating of the web domain that links to your site.

There are also elements that indicate the possibility of being faced with a Toxic Link.For example, if it has been rejected many times, if you do not have spam management on your website, etc.

Getting quality links is a tedious job. It is recommended to acquire backlinks naturally and through techniques such as participating in forums, leaving comments on blogs, guest posting, etc. It is important to know that there are penalties by search engines for certain practices. In the Link Building section of our services you will find how we manage backlinks.

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