Email Marketing.

Contact your target audience through email

Direct communication with the client

Custom offer campaigns

Immediate results


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What is Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the mass sending of emails to portfolio contacts. Email marketing campaigns are an online communication and direct marketing activity whose objectives are to trigger an immediate purchase in the online store, increase traffic to the web or improve online reputation, to give a few examples.

Many classify email marketing as the most effective direct marketing tool. But to get an optimal performance requires a good focus and a good organization.

How to apply Email Marketing

Sending emails based on a Newsletter strategy is a good way to build long-term stable relationships with current and potential customers. The email marketing strategy should consider the following elements:

  1. Objectives
  2. Tactics
  3. Email Marketing tools
  4. Subscriber acquisition

With these elements developed, we would be in a position to create a newsletter, configure monitoring through metrics and perform analysis.

Email Marketing Tools

There are countless Email Marketing tools, some with which we have worked and we know that they work quite well are Benchmark Email, Mailchimp or Mailrelay.

They are applications that require the definition of forms, web implementation, list creation, campaign creation, use of email marketing templates and other activities for which it is advisable to rely on a professional.


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