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Social medias have become a means of direct communication with our potential clients, something essential for many companies. Social Media allows market research, acquiring more brand visibility, reputation and sales. They are a tool with a lot of potential.

Through a social media marketing plan, we organize, plan and adapt the different social media to establish an online communication channel with your potential clients in order to achieve the objectives set.

We can see that every year the numbers of users of social networks increase and that new generations are using social networks as a habit, hoping that businesses are also using these tools. Something that highlights the importance of social networks for companies

Most Important Social Medias

When we think of important social media Facebook and Twitterfor example come to mind. They are the most widely used and known, but we must analyze whether our potential client is using them or not, or if they are adequate for our objectives.

One of the principles of inbound marketing is to generate quality content but also to locate the content to the appropriate networks.

Before choosing a social network, we focus on the objectives of the company, the data of the users and the location of the followers. With this we make decisions about which general medias such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and which thematic social medias such as Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube or Vimeo to use.

Advantages and disadvantages of Social Medias

Before deciding to use Social Networks, it is important to know in advance their benefits and disadvantages to avoid serious mistakes.

Advantages of social medias

  • Increase brand visibility
  • Dissemination channel of the company’s content
  • Customer loyalty and potential customer contact
  • Possibility of associating a blog
  • Measure the result of marketing actions in real time
  • Promote communication and collaboration between professionals
  • They can improve the online reputation of the company
  • Customer service channel
  • Possibility of analyzing the competition

Disadvantages of social medias

The appearance of trolls and bad reviews makes it necessary to have an action plan for crisis cases during management of social media. It is important to manage them properly and take advantage of them to define the brand, professionalism and good work of the company.

Social Media Management

We take care of creating company’s social media profiles and managing them on a daily basis to attract visits to your website, enhance your brand and get potential clients. With the management of Social Media you will get a greater presence on the Internet.

As a community manager we also analyze what people are talking about, who are the brand’s rivals, what interests the company’s fans and followers, what content they are predisposed to share.

One of our objectives is to make the communities that follow your company grow both on the online platforms (social media, blogs and forums) and offline ones too (events, conferences and meetings).

The generation of dialogues is another key and we work on distribution of valuable contentthat offers the possibility of generating new customers.

Conversations on Social Media involve responding to questions and comments online immediately, putting people in front of brands and establishing customer relationships. As a community manager we give your company a voice and transmit personality.

Social Media Tools

There are professionals and SMEs who, due to budget or for other reasons, decide to manage social media networks themselves. In these cases we support the company in the creation of social profiles, planning, editing and distribution of the content.

We provide the necessary knowledge regarding planning and management tools for social networks such as Agorapulse, Buffer, Sprout Social, Sendible or Hootsuite for example.


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