Keyword planning with Google Tools and professional marketing tools

Ad group ideas

SEO keyword ideas

Segmentation strategy

Competitor keywords

What are keywords

They are words or phrases that we use in search engines such as Google or Bing to find information or a specific web page. keywords are questions that users ask and that search engines answer.

Search engines offer the most relevant pages in response to user searches.

Keyword analysis helps to understand the traffic, improve visitor quality, and fight competition.

Keywords, Adwords and google ads

Ad campaigns, both on Google Ads and on other platforms, are managed taking into account keywords. Using keyword tools we can know which are the most used terms in searches and the number of results offered by search engines.

A good ad configuration directly influences the result of the ad when it comes to reaching more audiences or generating a greater number of interactions.

SEO Keywords

To ensure that our website appears positioned in the first google search results we must efficiently manage a series of keywords for the business or activity. It is about choosing words that define the activity of the company, products or services and that are also used by the target customers in their searches.

Keyword Tools

There are a multitude of keyword tools, the professionals not only make keyword management more effective but also save a lot of time. In our case, we combine Google’s keyword planner with other professional tools to achieve the best results.

Improve the visibility of your buisness online

The final objective is to attract potential clients achieving a return on the investment made. Research, selection and monitoring are essential tasks in keyword management.

  1. Keyword research
  2. Selection of keywords
  3. Competition monitoring at SEO level

Good SEO management takes into account the work of keywords and implements related strategies.


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