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Why is your page not one of the first ones in Google results? The answer lies in the positioning techines found in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) search engines.

A SEO audit facilitates a reliable diagnosis of the current state of your website. It is the first step in developing an SEO strategy.


SEO work is done from different perspectives. On one hand, through Google Tools such as Google Search Console. With these tools we will check the status of structured data, rich cards, bookmarks, links to your site, internal links, indexing, sitemaps, the robots file and other aspects.

And on the other hand there is the work to be done with specialized non-Google applications. We can find many free SEO tools on the Internet, although for most you need to pay for the Premium version if you want to optimize SEO of your website

The difference between being managed by an agency and managing it yourself, apart from the price, are the results, the time to obtain them, the quality of the work done and the saving of the learning curve.


Part of the web page analysis work is the review of content and links. This begins with H tagging, metadata, keyword identification, and the status of internal and external links.

During the process of SEO analysis , it means identifying problems and errors for their correction and the formulation of positioning strategies. That is why we end every SEO audit with a detailed report where all possible improvements are taken into account.


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