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As a Webmaster or SEO consultant we optimize the structure of your website and its content, we use link building and link baiting techniques to increase the notoriety of the website on the Internet.

The goal is to appear in the highest possible positions in organic search results for one or more specific keywords.

The lines of work consist of internal web optimization and external web optimization.

SEO Positioning

The objective of search engine positioning, the search engine optimization or the web optimization is to improve the visibility of your website in the results of the different search engines. It is a technical process by which changes are made to the structure and information of your website.

Internal Optimization / On-Page SEO

By studying the results of a first web audit web audit we identify the internal elements of the web that have to be improved and the elements that have to be kept. Once an SEO action plan has been established, the improvements are applied step by step:

  • Structure of internal links and navigability
  • Keyword strategy
  • Friendly Url’s
  • Titles and emphasized texts
  • Metadata
  • Content improvement
  • Efficient use of multimedia
  • Download speed
  • Code / content ratio
  • Broken links and redirects
  • Indexing, sitemap and robots

External Optimization / On-Page SEO

Practicing off-page SEO or external web optimization consists of improving organic positioning by raising the Page Rank score. A factor or element included in the Google algorithm and with which it decides where a website will appear in the search results of users.

Some examples of off-page SEO actions are:

  • Use of content aggregators: prestigious content platforms that help with the distribution of articles, giving them more visibility and prestige. In this way, links are obtained.
  • Honest link building strategies.The goal is to get websites and blogs with greater authority and reputation than yours to link to your page. The best way to achieve this is by establishing relationships with the administrators of these pages.

It must be kept in mind that the automatic generation of links is an increasingly less advisable practice and penalized by Google.

When we focus on off-page SEO actions, we rely on the content with added value for the user. They must generate interest in other websites and blogs of the same subject with authority in Google

SEO Reports

Throughout the process, the main health indicators and the achievement of objectives must be monitored. We monitor both web design and redesign as well as web positioning services and online advertising.

We think that the client must have the information at all times and for that reason we issue a  SEO Report with the essential data

And for those who are not clients of the SEO service? We also carry out web auditing and SEO reports.

Web Positioning Prices

The prices of web positioning are linked to the number of improvement actions to be carried out, the number of keywords, the number of backlinks to be achieved and the expected time of achievement.


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