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What are web analytics

It is the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data from a website and the competition. The objective is to promote continuous improvement of the online experience that both regular and potential customers have. Web analytics translate into online and offline results.

Web analytics facilitates advanced analysis of the results of marketing actions for decision making.

It is not about measuring traffic, but about understanding and analyzing it to make improvements to the website and achieve pre-established goals.

How to analyze the website

The analysis of a website is determined by the type of website: online store, blog, corporate website … According to the type of project and the final objectives, the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) will be established.

By determining a reasonable data collection time and with the help of the appropriate tools to perform the analysis, the data collection process begins.

The usual thing is to have regular reports and identify structural errors, content or deficiencies on the website.

KPI Tracking parameters

A KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is a key development indicator. That is, units of measurement, variables or objective elements that provide us with data by themselves on the operation of a certain aspect of our strategy.

For example, the number of new users within a channel, the percentage of visitors who come to a website from a specific social network and the topic of the publications that are getting the most traffic are reliable units of measurement that provide relevant and objective information about performance.

KPI Indicators in social media and marketing

Taking into account the particularities of each social network, the performance indicators are established taking into account the purpose of the presence in social media.

  • Social interaction KPI
  • KPIs related to the growth of the social community
  • KPIs related to visibility on social channels

KPI Indicators on a website or on a blog

You show us the evolution of traffic on the web and how users navigate the site. Controlling these indicators is essential to optimize the design and operation of the website at all times, in addition to identifying possible problems.

  • Users, sessions and pages.
  • Bounce rate.
  • Channels that bring more traffic.
  • CTR (Clic Through Ratio).
  • Time spent on the web.
  • Relevant keywords that bring more traffic.

KPI Indicators in E-mail marketing

Through mailing campaigns we contact the client in a direct way with the adequate segmentation and surprise our subscribers with added value as thanks for registering.

Measuring and analyzing the results of mailing campaigns is especially important when we combine analysis with the concept of segmentation.

By marking the appropriate KPIs, we will be able to make small variations in titles, content, arrangement of the elements, tone of the message … better capturing the user’s attention and improving the opening and conversion rate.

To analyze email marketing in a comprehensive way, it is important to distinguish between the different phases of a campaign and measure the most important aspects in each case.

  • Subscribers achieved in a certain time.
  • Lost subscribers.
  • Geographic location.
  • Email opening rate.
  • Percentage of clicks on links.
  • Users unsubscribed from lists.

If you ever find yourself in the position of not knowing very well if your project is working correctly or if it needs changes, or if you are not sure that the changes you have in mind will work, web analytics service and adequate measurements are what will suit you best.


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