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Technical Aspects

Safety and Security

On-Page SEO Audit and Optimization

Implementation of Social Networks

Analytical Configuration


All websites have an objective, even the static ones, whether it is corporate presence, attracting new customers, selling online… Web maintenance takes care to monitor technical aspects, security, on-page SEO or to have well configured web analytics to be able to have a feedback of paid advertising. To give an example.

Web maintenance directly influences the stability and consolidation of objectives..

In other words, if we want to maintain sales in an online store, we must ensure that all the relevant aspects mentioned above are well managed.

More about WordPress website maintenance

When you think about your website, think also about web maintenance and ask yourself questions like:

  • Is the website secure and does it comply with legal regulations?
  • Is the web site running efficiently, speed, navigability?
  • Are there any errors?
  • Are the contents adequate?
  • In an on-page SEO audit what results would you find?
  • Can positioning for Google be improved?
  • Do you manage keywords? Do you have quality backlinks?

We could go on asking questions and we would never finish. The important thing to keep in mind are these thoughts:

Your website needs a coordinated strategy between web development, web maintenance and online marketing.

If you need a web maintenance service, think of someone with standard, who cares about informing you of recommended actions, improvements or strategies that you could follow.

WordPress web maintenance pricing

The state of health, the quality of the design and the management of online marketing define the work to be done in website maintenance. As each website is different, it must be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Our service, in addition to performing the usual updates and backups, includes an SEO audit with delivery of a report detailing the aspects to be improved.

Free Advice!

A 1/1.5 hour session completely free of charge in which we analyze your website in detail and recommend a work plan. This will help you to evaluate the maintenance services offered by our professionals.


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