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Improving our potential customers’ access to our products and services can be done by following several strategies. The online catalogue on your website is a solution that allows us to offer detailed information about products and services, downloading it in pdf format or simply relying on it when you will be visiting an important customer.

A virtual catalogue becomes a dissemination tool that provides strategic elements such as the integration of social media or the collection of valuable information to study for our clients.


The online catalogue is one more element in the marketing and business strategy. It is made thinking about the target audience, in theory your customers. The advantages of using the virtual catalogue on your website are many, we can highlight some such as:

  • More effective customer acquisition:: enable potential customers to find your business thanks to the dissemination of the catalogue.
  • Better access to information: : Hierarchy and category of products, lists of top rated products, list of best-selling products, last viewed products and other filtering options facilitate direct access to customer information in record time.
  • Broader catalogues: : Being digital there are practically no limits in terms of number of products.
  • Cost reduction:: If you manage to manage the catalogue yourself, you avoid the expenses of graphic design professionals.
  • Stock availability: :Another option through which users can know if the product they are looking for is available or not.
  • Greater interactivity:: The client, in addition to being able to filter and perform specific searches, can rate products, make comments or contact your company.
  • Information source:: By implementing analytical tools, we can study customers and find out what they do in your catalogue. Something that will help you make decisions that will improve the catalogue and your business strategy.
  • Comercio electrónico: Un catalogo digital te brinda la oportunidad de recibir pedidos en línea, solo hay que implementar sistemas de pago y configurar los diferentes tipos de transporte.

We design virtual catalogues taking into account the type of company, its products or services and the customer for whom they are intended. Each web catalogue is a project that requires differentiation and other strategies to keep up with the competition.

We provide a website where the client can filter the information according to their preferences. The management of product sheets is manageable and complete (information, images, SEO configuration). It allows the management of stocks and the hiding of products in the catalogue. The customer can rate the products and send comments.

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