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The Internet is an environment that is constantly evolving, new technological resources and search engines force web redisgn to follow official norms and other unwritten norms that are there.

The health and updating of your website is as important as carrying out a professional web redesign management to avoid drops in search engine positioning.

It is for this reason that applying anew web design over an existing one must be done after conducting an on-page audit with which content, general structure, links and keywords, among others, are controlled.

In addition, when planning a new web design the impact it will have on visitors who already know you, search engines and the pages that link to you are taken into account.

Our Web Redisgn Work

After a few years of experience of working on redesign of outdated websites and web redesign for strategic reasons we know in advance that each project is a world and must be approached in a personalized way.

First of all, we carry out a thorough web analysis in-depth of all the elements that directly affect search engine positioning.. In second place we focus ourselves on the buisness, its products or services, the target customer and the competition.

It is at this time when we are ready to make a new web design, we propose it and with the client’s approval we implement it.

Once the work is done, we do a web audit again to confirm that a good job of your web redisign. has been done


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